Recently, I’ve been writing, or trying to write. And, to be perfectly honest, writing makes me feel kind of weird. I get tired, I find myself lost in my thoughts and, as painful as this is to admit, I can get kind of prickly. It’s an isolating experience, but, as a good friend would say, “It is what it is.”
In the moments when I’m not writing, I’ve been teaching, which definitely helps with both the isolation and the worry that comes with writing. When you’re responsible for other people (or the education of other people), you move a little outside of yourself. And, when I find myself taking a break, I also seek inspiration in other blogs–some that I read regularly, some that I’ve never been to before. All I can say is this: reading about other people’s experiments, discoveries, trials, tribulations, joys, etc. remind you that we all deal with the same things on a regular basis. Maybe “it is what it is,” but there’s still inspiration to be had. In addition to a few photos I’ve snapped during the past few weeks, I offer you some links that may send you either to the kitchen or to the cocktail shaker…with some meaty food for thought along the way.

Because we all need help with writing…and maybe with happiness, too.

Thanks to the New Yorker, I’ve already decided that, regardless of my page count come February 15th, I’ll be indulging in a little Danish political drama.

Because of my time in Helsinki last year and the fact that I was so eagerly preparing for the trip this time last January, I found myself particularly struck by Sarah’s post about Scandinavia–its food, happiness, lifestyle, decor. And I’m thinking a Scandinavian feast is in the works.
I won’t lie to you; even though I won’t do it, I think about quitting the Ph.D. all the time. And I thoroughly enjoyed this blog post that outlined why it worked for her.Β 

Again on the topic of writing, a little cocktail can go a long way. If it worked for Hemingway (admittedly, not the best example, but just go with me here), it could work for me, albeit with a little more self control and a happier ending.

Because I’m highly impressionable, after I read this post, I went out and bought a Kindle copy of Daring Greatly.Β  I’ve always had a slightly new-agey streak and I must say that, even if the concept is kind of hokey, there is something to be said about the fact that our inner-critic holds us back.

This is maybe the only way I’ll ever cook cabbage again. In general, I love the Genius Recipes column at Food52.

I’ve really been craving dessert lately: I’m debating between a Mango Cream Tart (minus the fresh figs) and a Gateau Breton. Then again, I’ve also been dreaming up something creamy that will showcase the best of winter citrus (i.e. the blood orange).

Back soon with one more January post! Hopefully, the beginning of this week will be kind to me. Happy Sunday to you all!

5 thoughts on “Inspiration in Many Forms

  1. Hurray for inspiration in all its forms! And thank you for these cheery links! Not too long now until this is all behind you–and then I think you should celebrate with a trip to Spain! or wherever else tickles your fancy πŸ™‚

  2. You're welcome! Glad you found the writing one useful; between those tips and the book on “daring greatly,” I feel like my inner critic has been silenced, which is nice!

    As for celebrating, finishing still seems uncertain at this point, although as soon as the thing passes all of the censors, I will knock my little heart out planning something grand. πŸ™‚ Maybe LA…? It's close and there are lots of beaches! And food trucks!

  3. Ha! The little princess jumped on top of the crate in an attempt to eat her comb, which we had set there, thinking it was out of her reach. We should know by now that nothing is ever out of her reach.

    Thank you! I had fun assembling the various links and discovering happiness projects and self-help books. These things have always been up my alley. πŸ™‚

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