After a partially self-imposed and partially necessary break from blogging, I’m back! My blogging form is a little rusty–I have no quote to offer you, nor do I have a recipe–but I do have lots of pictures. Life, as of late, has given me images galore: there was Thanksgiving, then there was San Francisco at its scenic nighttime best…and, following that, there was the move. Oh, the move, essentially a week plus of packing, carrying and unpacking boxes. To put it simply, I never want to touch cardboard again. As per usual, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, however. 

First things first; Thanksgiving. It was a lovely happy day, although it was a bit more subdued this year than last. This had nothing to do with the company or the food, but more to do with my own musings. Needless to say, the thought of moving and doing everything I needed to do–cook, grade papers, pack boxes, call my family–somewhat tainted the holiday; obviously, it’s much easier to live in the moment when you’re not looking several days into the future. But despite this, I managed to revisit last year’s scrumptious Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake–as requested by the Greek–and also to make something new: a Greek Greens Pie with a Cornmeal Crust. I’ve always liked Martha Rose Shulman’s column (“Recipes for Health” is endlessly appealing–for both the palate and your arteries) and this was no exception.  

I was very pleased with the final product: the cornmeal crust was slightly crunchy and the feta-spinach filling was herbed to perfection. I added a little extra dill (as I always do) and, while it wasn’t noticeable, it didn’t hurt either. It was a nice substitute for a traditional stuffing; just call it my way of adding a little Greek touch to Thanksgiving. 

After the fun of Thanksgiving, the Greek and I took a friend of his who was visiting from Thessaloniki (she was on a grad school whirlwind tour) to San Francisco, where we walked around Fisherman’s Wharf and also stopped by the famous Painted Ladies, too. 

For Thanksgiving, the Greek and his friend had made Melissa Clark’s Apple Bourbon Bundt Cake (if you see a bourbon theme here, good work! My biggest baking discovery of the last 2-3 years is that a little liquor goes a long way when baking). This cake was really, really out of this world good. Because of the glaze, which I personally don’t always think is necessary, but actually liked in this recipe, the cake was super moist and soft and spongy. Mind you, this was not a bad thing at all. The cake was full of toasted pecans, had chunks of candied ginger and grated apples, too. All in all, a keeper cake. I’m also pleased to say that the Greek broke the curse of the bundt cake pan by finally baking a successful cake in it. And there was, fortuitously enough, enough cake batter for a bread, too. Never discount the pleasure of leftover (or frozen) dessert when moving. 

And then there was the move, my life carefully placed into boxes. When I say that I loved the apartment I moved into all those years ago (August 17, 2007, to be exact), it’s nothing short of the truth. It was my first “real” adult apartment. I found it, I decorated it, I paid all the bills. It was home.  

I had my mock MA oral exam sitting on that couch. It’s also where I wrote my field statements for my PhD exams. Almost a whole grad school career happened within a mere 400 square feet…not to mention all the seasons of TV shows that were watched on that television. 

This apartment was also the place where I really learned to cook on my own. I baked bread puddings, cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes. I stewed lentils. I made my first hamburger patties there, too. And who can forget the cracking of the coconut (the battle scars were carried into my new life since the kitchen table came with me)?

It’s important to remember, however, that space is arbitrary–it’s just a receptacle for things. It’s the memories that matter, and those I won’t forget. 

These pictures will certainly help. And the fact that my things and I have found ourselves a new home–one that’s in progress, but that I already love–doesn’t hurt either. 

3 thoughts on “Out with the Old….

  1. Thank you, Maria! I think so, too! I've already revisited some of my “greatest hits” and I'm trying new things, too! I'm thinking mid-January (after I get back from a conference in Seattle) will be great for our dinner.

    And, yes, I passed the greetings to the Greek! 🙂

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