I was startled by this, the speed with which one apocryphal watercolor was transforming our future. A minute ago, there had been an opened book, a crazy notion–we could go or we could stay–and now, not five minutes later, the book was shut. We were going. Simple as that.
-Karen Russell (“From Children’s Reminiscences of the Westward Migration”)

I’ve been a bit neglectful of the blog recently, but that’s largely because suddenly it’s May. I repeat, May. In some way or another, this has been the longest semester of my life; with the endless expanse of free time, of research, writing and cooking time before me, of worrying about the dissertation, of allergies and flu bugs and day trips, there were moments when it felt like there was little to no progress. Just that Groundhog Day kind of repetition. Then again, at the same time, it seems to have flown by. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but we seem to have gone from January to May pretty quickly.

In any case, I’m still dissertating (*I would like to note that when editing this post, I noticed that I had originally written “I’m still dissertation. This tells you almost everything you need to know about my mental state right now. We have reached the land of barbaric speech; I have also become my work.*) . Yeah, I know, it never ends. It is the project that just keeps on giving. But I am quickly nearing the end…the end, let me clarify, of Chapter 1. A friend who reads the blog recently told me that I made it sound like I was in the process of finishing the whole thing, but let us thank the heavens that we’re only at the beginning….which some, let me add, say is the hardest part.

The good news is that I’m in the process of reforming myself. More about that in the next post. For now, I offer you a recipe for Negronis. Even when in the process of scrambling, there should always be those moments when you step back, act human and have some friends over for dinner. Cocktails just make such evenings more pleasant, especially when they’re red, not to mention just a little bitter, but sweet.

Come to think of it, bittersweet may just sum it all up quite nicely.

Yields one ruby red glass of joy

2 tablespoons gin
2 tablespoons Campari
2 tablespoons sweet vermouth

-Combine gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth in an ice-filled Old Fashioned glass.
-Stir gently. May garnish with an orange peel if desired.
-Sit back, enjoy and relax!

2 thoughts on “Winding Down…and Up

  1. A few things.
    1) Drinks w/friends sounds refreshing. Especially negronis.
    2) I LOVE your plates. So lovely. Simple. Elegant. Sweet.
    3) I totally thought you were finishing up the entire thing too.
    4) I want to hear about it. 'You still dissertation,' that is. Lmao at that line.

  2. i hope you mean 'reforging' yourself. also, hey! i have an assignment for you! i read somewhere that i'm suppose to eat more bitter leafy greens but wow, bitter leafy greens are BITTER. so, like, master chef any suggetions on that front? (i'm already sensing the theme of the entry will be smthg like 'taking the bitter with the sweet…and the sweat')

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