The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.
-Albert Einstein

A sad but true fact: I am a delinquent blogger. Or perhaps a better way of putting it is that, since classes started, I’ve allowed myself to become a delinquent blogger. But, you know, it’s complicated; even without seminars, there’s a lot on my plate: teaching, the library, departmental gatherings, daily public transportation woes and successes, errands, etc. (Keep in mind that writing/researching figured nowhere in that sentence; yes, there is an itsy bitsy problem with that, but, for now, we’ll ignore that little detail). It’s no longer nearly as simple as it was this past summer when my daily thought process basically consisted of “What should I make for dinner today? Hmmm….let’s try something elaborate and make dessert too!” or “What TV show–out of the 7 or 8 that I follow regularly– will I watch today?” or “What yoga class should I go to today?” Trust me when I say that, despite the occasional complaint (and the pitiful salary), I do know that I’ve got a good thing going here (see photographic proof below). šŸ™‚

Let me assure you, however, that even if I wasn’t blogging, that certainly doesn’t mean I wasn’t cooking, or, at the very least, going out for amazing food. A girl, after all, has got to eat…especially when she’s busily going out to birthday parties, brunches and trips to the Botanical Garden and Tilden Park, grading papers, starting to feel ill (sadly, the illness that I long suspected was lurking on the horizon has officially arrived, but this occurrence has led to the next post’s–soon to follow this one; girl scout’s word of honor– recipe, so we should all be at least a little thankful) and frantically typing notes on topics ranging from the gothic to unreliable narrators before her class begins.

So, to do a quick recap of the first week of class and the 5 things that kept me from fulfilling my blogger-ly duties:

1) “What the Nose Knows: Scent and the Art of Tea”: not only was this a fascinating lecture on the “way of tea” in Japan, but also gave me the perfect opportunity–and on a sunny and bright day (the rarest of the rare)– to explore the garden. Afterwards, a friend and I, inspired by the smell of salted and preserved sakura, went in search of pie and ended up with the Apple Turnover ice cream sundae featured above. Flowers, sunshine and ice cream are, for me, the ingredients for a lovely day. šŸ™‚

2) My eternal desire to have a real breakfast, which these days translates into PANCAKES. I kid you not; I am a woman obsessed. From “The Single Lady Pancake” (I don’t follow the recipe exactly; chocolate, though a favorite, is more of an afternoon snack for me) to Greek-style pancakes, Tiganites, to Oatmeal Raisin Cookie pancakes, I spend more time making breakfast than I should (yes, this is what they call an addiction). Not to mention the fact that pancakes are not exactly what I’d call healthy food…..but best not to think about such things.

3) There are also those days when, because you’ve frantically been reading Henry James (though you love him, you do recognize that he is wordier than even you are at your worst), you just don’t have time to cook, so you take advantage of the opportunity and ask a good friend, who you rarely see, to go out to lunch around campus. Such an occasion may lead you to Venus, home of the delicious Morning Glory muffin, which, yes, you might be willing to push old ladies and children out of the way for. It’s that good.

4) And even in the midst of all this, it’s important not to abandon the local art scene, which is why, two weekends ago, a good friend and I went to see Dan Hoyle’s “The Real Americans” at the Marsh in San Francisco. The play was intelligent, hilarious and well worth the trip across the bay; it also didn’t hurt that we had a pretty amazing Indian dinner at the Udupi Palace beforehand.

5) After a little hike (in appropriate shoes no less!) in Tilden and the above sunset viewing with an adventurous Greek, we went to the Cheeseboard for some pizza, which never disappoints. How can one go wrong with bleu cheese, figs and crispy crust? Yep, impossible.

One thought on “School for Fools

  1. Ooh I liked this post– good update on your life!

    Good to hear you liked “The Real Americans”– a friend invited me to go see it but I begged off, being that I spent some 18 years in the Real America and go back to visit at least several times a year. But being that you did, too (“That wasn't no baby cone”), and you still liked the play, maybe I'll go and see it too!

    And the note about Henry James being wonderful but still “wordier than even you are at your very worst” was pretty amazing.

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